Titles of the Holy Spirit

They can also be considered the names of the Spirit. It is great for Renewalists (Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Neo-Charismatics) and everyone else to experience him. But do they really know him?

Here are most of his names or titles of the Spirit. They reveal more deeply who he is.

1.. One Spirit

Paul wrote to the Ephesians that they should make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit, meaning being united together in the Spirit, for there is one body and one Spirit (Eph. 4:3-4).

He is a unity.

2.. Seven Spirits

When Jesus communicated to the seven churches in Asia Minor, he used the phrase “seven spirits,” that is the sevenfold one Spirit—seven aspects of the one Spirit. Seven speaks of his perfection, omnipresence, completeness. (Rev. 1:4; Rev. 3:1). Alternatively, angels are called ministering spirits (Heb. 1:14), so it a possible interpretation is seven angels were assigned to the seven churches. But if they reflect the sevenfold One Spirit, then his ministry is faceted, which is a blessing to us today, for he is the full person who can be explored.

3.. Eternal Spirit

He is called the Eternal Spirit, because he effects eternal redemption through Christ (Heb. 9:14).

4.. Spirit of Glory

Peter referred to the Spirit as the Spirit of glory, which is the presence of the Lord in the highest heaven. It speaks of light. We can have no doubt that when we get to heaven by God’s grace, the Spirit will fill our being and give us light. (1 Pet. 4:14)

5.. Spirit of holiness, Holy Spirit, Holy One

When Paul wrote his great doctrinal statement about God dealing with humankind and salvation, he began it with the phrase, “Spirit of holiness” (Rom. 1:4). It is another way of saying the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, the first time the Spirit is mentioned in the New Covenant Scriptures (Matt. 1:18-20). Jesus’s conception and birth is therefore essential.

We also have an anointing of the Holy One, who will lead us to the truth (1 John 2:20). This Anointing is through the Holy Spirit.

What Is the ‘Anointing’?

Holiness at its root means separateness; the opposite is common or profane. You have the Holy Spirit in you. You have been set apart by God for his special purposes, unique to you. You must not get polluted by the world system and dysfunctional relationships. No, we are not called to stay away from unbelievers, because we must reach out to them. But we must avoid the taint (1 Cor. 5:0-13).

6.. Spirit of Wisdom

God gives wisdom and skill to workers, though the Spirit (Exod. 28:3). That is good news for anyone with craft and artistic skills.

Isaiah speaks of the Messiah who will have the Spirit of wisdom (Is. 11:2).

7.. Spirit of Understanding

God sent his Spirit into workers, so they would know how to make things. If the Spirit inspired people with this mental virtue, then he must have it in him (Exod. 28:1).

God sent his Spirit on to the Messiah, who had deep knowledge and understanding of us and the creation (Is. 11:2).

8.. Spirit of Knowledge

God gave workers sills to know how to make things. The Spirit has tis attribute in order for him to give it (Exod. 28:3).

God sent his Spirit into the Messiah with knowledge, so he can understand how to teach and to help those who listened to him (Is. 11:2).

He knows us and the world, to clarify and inspire us.

9.. Spirit of Strength

The Messiah was the filled with the Spirit of might, If the Spirit gives might, then he must have it (Is. 11:2). This speaks of his omnipotence.

10.. Spirit of the Reverence of the Lord

The Spirit inspired reverence and awe in the Messiah (Is. 11:2).

11.. Spirit of Truth

The Spirit also anointed the Messiah with truth (Is. 11:2). This speaks of the Spirit’s truthfulness.

12.. Spirit of Grace

We are not supposed to insult the Spirit of grace by continually and deliberately sinning (Heb. 10:29). Yes, the Spirit is full of grace, but he cannot be treated lightly, as if we are the lord of life. He gives grace and empowerment to help you to move away from confusion that leads to a sinful lifestyle.

13.. Spirit of Grace and Supplication

As God was restoring the ancient Israelites after they were exiled to Babylon, God promised the ancient Israelites that he would pour out on them the Spirit of grace and inspire supplication—an earnest prayer for God to act (Zec. 12:10). The Spirit intercedes for us with wordless groans (Rom. 8:26-27).

How does this post about the names of the Spirit help me know him better?

Quite simply, you can get to know the Spirit in his names or titles. He really is the truth. He really does reveal grace. Have you quieted your mind to hear his voice? You can’t live a distracted life and hear him regularly. Yes, you can hear him whenever he really needs to talk to you, but on an ongoing basis, you need to quiet your mind. Then you can discern his voice from your mind’s voice.


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