Right and Wrong Ways to Protest

These images lay out the right and wrong ways.

Normally, I don’t cover politics at this website, but when good and evil (not perfection and evil) stand in sharp contrast, I must point out the clear differences.

The wrong way took place in 2020. The right way took place in January to February 2022, in Canada.

Let’s begin with the bad news and evil.


Now let’s turn to good news and the right way.


Wrong way: Violence + arson + looting = Hate and Destruction

Right way: Peace = Positive Results


America the Beautiful: Ten Accusations against Her and Replies

Three Reasons Why People Are Whipped Up into Violent, Frenzied Mobs

Should the State ‘Turn the Other Cheek’?

How to Rescue America with These Images

Is It Just to Deploy National Guard to Stop Mayhem?


1. The Kingdom of God: Was Jesus a Pacifist?

2. The Gospels: Was Jesus a Pacifist?

3. Were the Early Christians Pacifists?

4. Can Christians Join the Military or Police Force?


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